Central Ethiopia (Addis Ababa & the Surrounding)

Addis Ababa and the surrounding have many things to offer visitors. The major tourist spots in Addis Ababa are, the National museum where the ancient hominid “Lucy “ is seated, the Ethnological museum and a number of old and historical churches like the Trinity cathedral , St. George church, St Mary church at Mount Entoto. The grand open market in Africa is found in Addis as it is called “Merkato” and much to see at night too –a variety of night clubs, offering all manner of music from traditional Ethiopia to modern pop and more.

Around in Addis Ababa you can have an option of attractions to visit such as; Crater Lake Wonchi, Debre Libanos Monastery, Adadi Marim, Tiya Stela, Melak-Kuntre, Debre Brehan, Ankober Emperor Menelik Palace, Crater Lakes of Debre Ziet/ Bishoftu and others.